Anxiety Counselling - Dr Sandra Rasqui
Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety counselling will help you gain control of your life. I have extensive experience in specific anxiety counselling techniques.

Anxiety counselling aims to:

  • Teach you a range of relaxation strategies to manage anxious feelings.
  • Provide you with key mindfulness techniques known to be beneficial for improving your mood.
  • Focus on improving your sleep patterns.
  • Assist you in letting go of worry.
  • Help you to learn to accept uncertainty in life.=

Constantly arguing with friends or loved ones may be masking the deeper issue of depression.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is the most common therapy used in the treatment of depression and anxiety. CBT therapy suggests that thoughts create emotions, and “cognitive distortions” creates unhealthy emotions or unhealthy perceptions of self.

Counselling can help you with anxiety

I believe that being proactive in changing thoughts and behaviour is important in the long term treatment of not only anxiety but also depression. Obtaining a deeper understanding of where cognitive distortions originate is very important. Understanding the defence strategies that may have developed to reinforce these thoughts and behaviours is also critical in developing a healthy life.

I offer a safe non-judgemental environment to express your issues and feelings. My aim is to make depression and anxiety counselling clients feel supported and comfortable enough to begin moving forward and making changes.

It allows for the safe discussion of issues that may be affecting your relationships, career, mental health or well-being.

In therapy I assist the client to identify and change unhelpful thought patterns, to trace where these thoughts may have come from, and offer practical strategies to manage the anxiety and depression.

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